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8 Ways to Gain More Customers for Freelance Filmmakers

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Learn more about how a carefully crafted message will lead to more profit.

1.Ask for referrals

Happy clients will spread your name. At least, many clients will, it never hurts to ask for referrals.

Write your clients about how much you enjoyed working with them on their project. Be honest - tell them you are always looking for more great clients, just like them! Ask, if they'll refer friends, businesses or people in their network that could use my services? How you would very much appreciate it. And thank them again.

2. Partner with agencies

Having a good working relationship with agencies is another way to bring in more new clients. Because they have so many resources and they've done many previous projects. I've used this strategy and build a connection with a Chinese advertising agency and they brought me a big phone brand project that I couldn't have gotten by myself.

If your budget is modest, looking into a bigger agency or company than yours, they may not be able to accept your budget. But, they may pass your project to smaller companies. It's ok to keep reaching out to them, good things will happen.

3. Browse job boards

There are always some gigs on or or etc, bookmark all of these websites and check them daily for new projects.

Searching on these websites is an easy way to look for video projects. If you have any other website for film gigs hunting, please write in comment and let me know. We're always in search of helpful information.

4. Follow up with lost clients

Go through your past emails and find the client that you spoke with or sent a proposal before, but for whatever reason the job didn't materialize.

Following up with them, let them know that you still care about the client, this action might spark a new opportunity for them to hire you. Never lose the hope.

5. Package your services

Selling your offerings as a package that client can purchase. Making it simple for clients to understand what you do, and easy to purchase.

6. Speak at industry conferences

Joining in the conferences which relate to your business is good idea, but speaking at the industry conferences would be a great opportunity for you to get exposed. Public speaking on your field of expertise can quickly make a celebrity of you in your field.

Reach out to the conference's organizers to pitch in your topics and thoughts. This type of exposure can not be overstated.

7. Have an SEO strategy

Your website will rise higher in organic search on google with SEO in place, it is a good way for you to promote your business online.

The easier people can find your company online, the more potential clients you might get.

8. Network online and offline

If your are a video production company, it is hard for you to get projects from filmmaking meet up groups, because everyone there are filmmakers or they have video production companies, but you can always network online for your business, create a linkedln profile, and upload all your work example, this might create you a new opportunity to projects. Choose your social media outlets and work them. Consistency is key. Erratic posts whenever you think of it is not nearly as useful as well timed daily post.

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