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All About Tigertail Pictures

Tigertail Pictures offers a unique approach into the world of video and animation, collaborating with clients to capture their most influential stories.


Tigertail Pictures is a Los-Angeles based production company providing full-service production needs, from the first steps of the creative planning all the way to post-production. Our in-house team and our vast network of filmmakers and photographers allow us to carry out every stage of the development process successfully and efficiently. We work with clients all over the world, we have offices in LA, SF and Beijing, China. The diversity of our clients translates to the various industries we represent with our services, from fashion to lifestyle, art to technology.


Wherever you are or whatever you need, our innovative team will envision your values and effectively translate them into still photography and/or motion pictures.


“Filming the extraordinary is what I thrive on”




Los Angeles, CA, USA

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